Assignment: Master's dissertation for Medieinstitutet Digital Content Design 20/22. Showcase what I've learned through-out the education. 
I decided to do a branding/product design with graphics and 3D. I worked in Figma, Blender, Photoshop and Illustrator to create this. The brand, which is made-up for this project, is a Swedish ice cream company, focused on local products and Swedish flavours. They'll launch new flavours each season and I started out designing 5 of these. 
Through the project I've gotten better at 3D, learnt how to do custom mockups and texture. I've also got the chance to do a branding from scratch including colours, typography, logo, illustration, product design, web and more. 
I started out researching if there was a demand for this product and found out from a study made by SIA Glass 2021 that a majority think it's important to buy Swedish produced ice cream and the younger the person you ask the more say yes. Knowing the product would be most interesting for a younger crowd I started designing the brand with a modern, playful yet trustworthy look. I also did personas, competitor- and SWOT-analysis but I won't go that deep here.

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