This was a group assignment in school where we got to work on a real case provided by our teacher's studio. The task was to create a logo, concept and rough start page from scratch for an upcoming project by Götessons.

With more people working from home, Götesson is launching a service where you can order a home office set-up. My group developed a theme based on the new company name "Chameleon", made up by my class-mate Albin Lundqvist. The core being "You live, we adapt" - people live in their homes and the furnitures they choose shall adapt to them, not the other way around, kinda like a chameleon.

We used Figma, Blender (3D), Illustrator and Photoshop to create the following design.
Instead of naming styles after typical interior, we worked with habitats such as mountain and garden to separate their different styles.
The web we created was a simple prototype to show the company the customer journey we had in mind - choosing a habitat as you enter the website and getting a visual preview of your future home office in 3D right away.

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